iHomePage -- Frequently Asked Questions

  1. General Questions
  2. Questions about Images
  3. Questions about URLs
  4. Questions about Buttons
  5. Questions about Web Page Displays
  6. Questions about ForeGround/Background Colors
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1) General Questions
  1. Q: Where is iHomePage on the web?
    A: You'll find iHomePage at:

  2. Q: Is there an iHomePage Forum?
    A: You'll find the iHomePage forum at:

  3. Q: I just installed iHomePage and ran it, and I don't see a home page. Instead, I see the Main Properties page (the one with the color sliders.) Why?
    A: Since your home page would not be useful without at least some information, iHomePage has saved you a step and has gone directly to the Main Properties page. Tap the "Name" field and type in whatever you wan't your page title to be, such as "My Cool Page" or "My Home." Also, pick some colors other than black for the foreground and background. You can always change them. Then click the "Done" button at the top and you'll see the beginnings of you new home page.

2) Questions about Images
  1. Q: How can I get images onto my phone so I can select them for my iHomePage?
    A: There are two ways to get photos onto your iPhone:
    • You can take pictures using your iPhone's built-in camera
    • You can sync photos from your computer, e.g. with iPhoto

  2. Q: What size are the images at the top and for each row?
    A: The top image is 120x120 pixels. The row images are 60x60 pixels.

  3. Q: There is sometimes a thin black line at one edge of my photo. Why?
    A: When the photo is selected from the library, it may not be the right size and the iHomePage app will try to resize it. If may insert a thin line along one edge during that resizing. We are exploring ways to minimize or eliminate this effect.

3) Questions about URLs
  1. Q: What is a URL?
    A: A URL is the location of a web page on the internet. You can see them in the location area at the top of your web browser when you are looking at a web page. They usually begin with http:// or https://

  2. Q: Are URLs case-sensitive?
    A: The domain name (the part between http:// and the very next / is not case sensitive. The rest of the URL is.

  3. Q: I'm getting an error page when I click on a the button. Why?
    A: Common reasons for getting error pages include:
    • There is a typo in the URL.
    • The URL doesn't begin with http:// or https://
    • The page is secure and you have the wrong login name or password
    • The web page no longer exists
    • The web server that hosts the page is having a problem

    The best approach is to try to go directly to the URL in a web browser. If that works, but it doesn't work from iHomePage, then make sure the URL is exactly the same in both places. If you also cannot reach the URL from a web browser, then the problem is with that URL or web page, and is not due to a problem in iHomePage.

  4. Q: Do I need to put http:// at the front of the URL?
    A: No. iHomePage will place it there for you. If you need something else, such as https:// you'll have to put that in.

4) Questions about Buttons
  1. Q: Can I add more buttons or change their size?
    A: Not in this version of iHomePage, but we're thinking about how to do that in future versions.

  2. Q: Can I have two rows of text for a button?
    A: Not in this version of iHomePage, but we're thinking about how to do that in future versions.

  3. Q: Can I have a button with no text?
    A: Yes

  4. Q: I clicked a button and it didn't lead to a web page. Instead, it led to the configuration page for that button. Why?
    A: Because the button has no URL yet. Once you provide a URL for that button then clicking the button will lead to the web page.

  5. Q: I want to edit the information for the other button on a row. How do I do that?
    A: Click the small info button on the far right side of the button's row. Then you'll see a segmented switch near the top right side of the page. It will either say "Top | Bottom" or "Left | Right" and one of the two selections will be highlighted. That is the button you are currently editing. Touch the other segment to edit the other button.

5) Questions about Web Page Displays
  1. Q: Some links don't work. Why?
    A: The iPhone's built-in web browser facility cannot open new windows from a web page. Apple may address this in future version of the iPhone, but until they do, any link that targets output to a new window will simply not function.

  2. Q: The text is too small to read. Can I make it larger?
    A: Yes! When you are looking at a web page that is too small, put both your finger and thumb onto the screen at the same time and "unpinch" them (move them apart). The web page will get bigger as you do. You can make the page smaller by doing the opposite (place them apart on the screen at the same time and pinch them back together.

  3. Q: The web page is too big. I can't see it all. How do I see the parts that aren't visible?
    A: Simply place your finger on the page and drag it in any direction you want to see.

  4. Q: Is there a back button?
    A: Not in this version of iHomePage, but we're thinking about how to do that in future versions.

  5. Q: How do I get back to the iHomePage main page?
    A: Just click the Done button in the navigation bar at the top of the web view.

6) Questions about ForeGround/Background Colors
  1. Q: What are those funny two-character strings to the right of the color sliders? They have numbers and letters in them.
    A: Those are the hexidecimal color values for the slider at its current position. If you work with colors on the web, you will probably recognize them and find them useful if you already know the hexidecimal color values. If they don't make sense to you, just ignore them.

  2. Q: Can I type in my own Hexidecimal color values?
    A: Not in this version of iHomePage, but we're thinking about how to do that in future versions.

  3. Q: I can't seem to get some color values to appear. I can get within one color plus or minus, but not the exact value I'm trying for.
    A: The slider is not large enough to provide all 255 possible color values for each color component. In general, getting within one color value is close enough for the color to look the way you want. When we provide a way to type in your own hexidecimal values in the future you'll be able to get the exact color values you want.

  4. Q: Can I have the same color value for foreground and background?
    A: Yes, unless they are both black. iHomePage doesn't allow black on black.

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