iHomePage -- Support

If you are having a problem with iPhoneHome that is not described in the Frequently Asked Questions page, please send email to support@ihomepage.timefold.com and describe what is wrong. There is no support available by phone.

Please provide any details you think would help us fix the problem:

  • On which page did the problem occur?
    • The main page?
    • The page with the color sliders?
    • The page where you configure buttons?
    • The web page viewer you get to when you click a button?

  • If the problem was associated with a button, which row number and was it the only button on the row, the top, bottom, left or right?

  • Was the problem with a specific web page? If so, what is the URL you were tring to access?

  • Was the problem with a secure web page (e.g. one with a login and password?)

  • Is there a problem choosing photos, and if so, for the main page or for a button row?

  • Is there a problem choosing colors?

Please note: we may not respond to questions that are clearly covered in the FAQ

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